Our Mission

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Our Visions

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Our Goal

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Who We Are

We are an e-Learning platform that focuses on the Embedded Systems field. We provide training on Hardware & Firmware development.

If you are starting your career in an embedded field or want to step up your professional life, then you are at the right place.

So far, we have taught more than 3000+ students from 100+ countries. Leading companies use our training to train their students & employees.

What We Do

We create training related to Embedded Systems by keeping industrial requirements in mind.

Trainings are designed to help students break into the embedded domain and support professionals in stepping up their skills in the industry.

Purpose of our trainings
  • To make an engineer out of you that companies will be glad to hire.

  • Make an individual confident enough to design their embedded projects or products.

  • Make the electronics students so skilled in their domain, that they don’t have to leave it for employment.

  • Make an individual so confident that they can understand their values and abilities. So that they can ask for the remuneration they deserve and not just accept whatever companies offer.

Why are we the Best?

Meet Our Team

Piyush Charpe


Apurv Sarve

Community Manager

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Technical Manager

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Web Developer

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What Students Say

I've been searching for this kind of content from long time. Finally i got this awesome course from Cipher2Infinity. This is the only course on whole internet which offers huge information at very less price. This course is on par with Industry standards. I recommend this for everyone who want to be an Embedded Hardware engineer. Beginners can learn a lot from these 40 hrs compared to their 4 years of B.Tech. I thank Mr. Piyush Charpe for creating & sharing great content to the community.

Yaswanth Chalamalasetti

Research Associate,M.Tech IITB

This is an excellent course on Hardware design and very well organized. I am currently working for a company that develops IoT products and this course is like a treasure to me. I like the way how instructor delivers the content and covers all the detailing to make something from scratch, he is highly motivated to teach. I am fortunate to come across this course. Thanks to the instructor for creating this course. I highly recommend this course to everyone who is working in the embedded field or building IoT devices. I am working in this field for a couple of years and based on my experience I can tell it’s worth learning things covered in this course. I am halfway through the course but overall I am very satisfied and need more courses like this.

Ashutosh Banerji


Very much satisfied with the course. Clear cut explanation about concepts. Most recommended course for an Embedded Hardware and software Engineer. Very Much Appreciated for the your Efforts and Time that you had spent on designing the course with HD Clarity Videos.

Pedaiah G.

Asst. Manager,Defence System,L&T



This is an Excellent course, well organized and lot of information given which will help lot for beginners. This course will make you more interest on the subject. I request the instructor to do more such courses. "dill mange more" . Thank you very much.

Yashodhan Mandke


Excellent course design Peeyush.. i can see complete lifecycle of developement has been covered.. i m extremely happy with the course content.... everything seems well planned...Piyush we want more courses like this...whats new you are coming with.. all the best.

Michael Passineau


This course is excellent. The detailed explanations that the instructor provides throughout all sections are extremely helpful with relevant real world information and examples! I am very excited to have found this course and it is helping me to apply the skills immediately. Thank you!

Alejo Bonifacio


This course is very good. All the basic interfacing methods of the industrial sensors are explained very clearly. Students who have theoretical knowledge can also take this course to understand the practical implementations of the circuit. Looking forward for more courses.

Nader llahi


Amazing! Piyush is the one of the best course instructor I've come across. The clarity of his explanations, the pacing of the course and the level of detail and topics covered were all perfect. Although I have not yet completed the course but I found my self obliged to leave this rating thank to great content and the fast feedback and the clear provided explanation. I really recommend this course and for sure you will take profit from it. Regards

Alex Bate


I took this course because I am working on an IOT-based products in our company and this course is helping me a lot. If I have to use one word for this course then it would be excellent..! Excellent content excellent explanation. I like the way he covers every single detail. No doubt out of all the courses that I took this one is the best. I highly recommend this course to people in the embedded field. Thank you


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Our Popular Training

STM32: IoT Hardware Design with Modem is one of the most popular training among professionals. There are several reasons for that.

It is one of the most detailed hardware training available on the platform, with more than 50+ hours.

2G, 3G, or 4G cellular connectivity-based devices are everywhere in the industries. Domains like Automotive, media, petrochemical, consumer, or medical Industry heavily depend on IoT devices.

Every Industry wants to connect its processes or products to the internet, to remotely monitor or control them.

The Rising demand for telematics has increased the usage of cellular connectivity-based devices.